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2020 Legislative Session

Weekly Legislative Updates from Tallahassee

The 2020 Florida Legislative Session kicks off on Tuesday, January 14th and is scheduled to end on Friday, March 13th.   Join our organization as we provide weekly updates on the debates taking place in Tallahassee that will impact the practice of medicine in the State of Florida.   Our staff will bring you up to speed each week on developments with our legislative priorities and how you can participate in the process.  

The webinars will take place every Friday at 12 pm EST. They are provided as a free benefit for members of the association.  Once you register for the series below, you can select those Friday's that you plan to participate.


Click here to register in advance for these meetings.

The sessions will be recorded and placed below for replay.

2020 Legislative Session Webinars

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
2020 Florida Legislative Session - Webinar Link Administration 3/13/2020
Session_2020_Update_Toni_3-13.pptx PPTX (1.72 MB) Administration 3/13/2020
2020_Scope_of_Practice_Expansions_Summarized.docx DOCX (20.8 KB) Administration 3/13/2020
2020_Bill_Watch_List_3-13-20.xlsx XLSX (22.46 KB) Administration 3/13/2020
2020_Florida_Legislative_Session_Week_6_Revie.pptx PPTX (144.47 KB) Administration 2/25/2020
2020_Bill_Watch_List_2-21-20.xlsx XLSX (22.8 KB) Administration 2/25/2020
2020 Florida Legislative Session - Week 6 Webinar Link Administration 2/25/2020
2020 Florida Legislative Session - Week 5 Webinar Link Administration 2/18/2020
2020_Bill_Watch_List_2-6-20.xlsx XLSX (21.05 KB) Administration 2/18/2020
2020_Bill_Watch_List_2-14-20.xlsx XLSX (21.3 KB) Administration 2/18/2020
2020_Florida_Legislative_Session_Week_5_Review.pdf PDF (148.48 KB) Administration 2/18/2020
2020 Legislative Session Webinar Jan 31 Link Administration 2/3/2020
2020_Florida_Legislative_Session_Week_3_Review.pdf PDF (180.43 KB) Administration 2/3/2020
2020_Bill_Watch_List_1-29-20.xlsx XLSX (20.04 KB) Administration 2/3/2020
2020 Legislative Session Webinar Jan 17 Link Administration 1/23/2020
2020_Bill_Watch_List_1-17-20.xlsx XLSX (17.43 KB) Administration 1/23/2020
2020_Florida_Legislative_Session_Week_1_Review.pdf PDF (261.4 KB) Administration 1/23/2020
2020 Legislative Session Webinar Jan 10 Link Administration 1/23/2020
2020_Bill_Watch_List_1-6-20.xlsx XLSX (17.09 KB) Administration 1/23/2020
2020_Florida_Legislative_Session_Preview.pdf PDF (343.8 KB) Administration 1/23/2020

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